Martin Mueller

Germany Duisburg, Germany
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In the pasts Martin was listening for years to a famous national radiostation called "Sunshine Live" which plays commercial Dance music. With that help Martin decided to define Trance music as his prefered music genre. At that time he got his own internet connection and found online radioshows like "A State Of Trance" or "Trance Around The World". With the show's help, Martin was entering more and more the Trance scene.

Later he started mixing tracks together, made short edits, and played a few guestmixes in some other radioshows. At the beginning the mixes were only made for his own audio systems, later it became popular for his friends aswell. More and more people said that they're pleased with the result and wanted more. In late 2007 with help from Ant Attwood and Mark from Party107 the realisation of introducing Martin's own radioshow was pretty much done. Since beginning of 2008 Martin delivers his monthly radioshow Tic Tac Trance on Party107, which focuses on psychedelic and uplifting underground trance.

Recent Sets

May 13 Martin Mueller - Tic Tac Trance 185 on Party107 (2023-05-13)
Apr 08 Martin Mueller - Tic Tac Trance 184 on Party107 (2023-04-08)
Mar 11 Martin Mueller - Tic Tac Trance 183 on Party107 (2023-03-11)
Feb 11 Martin Mueller - Tic Tac Trance 182 on Party107 (2023-02-11)
Jan 14 Martin Mueller - Tic Tac Trance 181 on Party107 (2023-01-14)
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