Website Converted To XHTML/CSS

Posted Mon, Feb 20, 2006 11:00 PM EST

Party107 Online has been converted into XHTML/CSS. Our old Flash site had several limitations such as the content areas being too small, not being able to add links except on specific pages, only being able to display short information about our DJ's, and the fact that the Flash was slow. While the XHTML/CSS site is not animated in Flash, it is far better optimized and organized. We can now have more information on the site in a much easier way to read and understand.

In addition to being optimized, there are a few new features. On the right side of the site, we can now display the shows that are airing today on Party107, and what times they are airing at. If you click on a show name listed there, you will be taken to the corresponding section on the forums. We also have included the "Now Playing" info near the top of the site for easy viewing.

Special thanks to xanadu for helping us by converting the site.