Web Server Downtime

Posted Sun, May 21, 2006 9:26 PM EDT

The Party107 web server experienced a hardware failure this afternoon. The website and forums were unavailable for a few hours while the problem was identified and new hardware was installed. Unfortunately, the only replacement hardware available right away from our datacenter is from a manufacturer that is known to be incompatible with UNIX-like operating systems. Therefore, we may be replacing the incompatible motherboard in the coming days to a known working model.

We will post updates as available. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE 05-24-06 17:29:33: The maintenance is scheduled for 1:00 AM EDT on Thursday, May 25, 2006. During this time, our web and DNS servers will be offline. New users may have trouble connecting to the streams, however they will remain online. We are unsure as to the duration of the downtime, however a rough estimate is between two and four hours. More info as available.

UPDATE 05-26-06 15:04:47: Most everything is back up and running now with the exception of email. We are still working on this, so please note any emails sent to our staff from yesterday or today may not come through. Full details of what took so long are available here.