Current Downtime

Posted Thu, Dec 21, 2006 4:38 PM EST

Hi everyone. We deeply apologize about the downtime this afternoon. This is the first major problem since moving to the new datacenter a few months ago. We're doing everything we can to get things back up absolutely as soon as possible.

More info will follow.

UPDATE 12-21-06 18:14:00 EST: Things seem to be coming back online now. Montreal Mix Sessions with Gabriel Batz will start shortly as long as things stay operational.

UPDATE 12-21-06 18:23:37 EST: Everything appears to be back to normal. Montreal Mix Sessions with Gabriel Batz has started. Please note that the rest of the shows tonight (Altered Reality with Brenden LaBonte and AudioEClipse with DJ LuJan, Miika Kuisma, and Dave 202) will be delayed by about 20 minutes. We are very sorry for this downtime and the delay...they were out of our hands.

UPDATE 12-21-06 20:33:17 EST: There appears to be some lingering issues related to the problems earlier. Our website may have loading problems and there may be some buffering in the stream. We are doing our best to minimize any problems, but unfortunately this is out of our control. Sets are now about 30 minutes behind normal times, for which we apologize again about.