Daylight Saving Time - Party107 Schedule March 9-16

Posted Thu, Mar 06, 2008 3:08 PM PST

On March 9, the United States and Canada will be moving forward one hour for daylight saving time. Due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, this change happens earlier in the month of March for the US than for Europe. Europe changes over to daylight saving/summer time on March 30, so some show times may be out of sync with their native timezones for the next few weeks.

As Party107 features a variety of shows from all over the world, we will be doing our best to accommodate as many shows as possible and have them air in the time zones native to those DJs/shows. Some days have more European shows and some days have more US/Canada shows, so depending on the day and time, show times may vary from normal depending on what time zone you are in. We understand this can be confusing, so below is a list of all shows for the week and what times they will be airing at in Eastern USA and Central European times. They also have a link to show that time in your specific time zone.

We will be making a weekly news post for the next few weeks with that entire week's lineup of new shows and their airtimes for this transitional period.

Note: Shows that have been moved from their normal Eastern USA time have been marked as "MOVED" and appear in bold. Moved shows will air one hour later in US/Canada time than their regularly scheduled time, however will be airing at their normal time in Europe. Shows that have not been moved will air one hour earlier than normal in Europe for this week.


SUNDAY MARCH 9 (3 Shows Moved):
12:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CET - Destination Bulgaria with Katsarov (MOVED)
2:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CET - Sunset Excitement with XiJaro (MOVED)
5:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CET - Aura Sessions with DJ Redstar (MOVED)
9:00 PM EDT / 02:00 CET (Mon) - Trance Mix Mission with Illumina
11:00 PM EDT / 04:00 CET (Mon) - Progressive Aggressive with David Akermanis

MONDAY MARCH 10 (1 Show Moved):
10:00 AM EDT / 15:00 CET - Aura Sessions 106 with Redstar (Encore)
1:00 PM EDT / 18:00 CET - The Mondo Sessions with Darren Tate and Dale Corderoy (MOVED)
4:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET - John Avenida's Peak Control with J Mirra and Alaskan Dreamer
6:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CET - The Vanishing Point with Kaenow

TUESDAY MARCH 11 (3 Shows Moved):
8:00 AM EDT / 13:00 CET - Trance Culture with Veselin Tasev
12:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CET - Universal Soundz with Mike Saint-Jules
3:00 PM EDT / 20:00 CET - Maneki Neko with Manuel Le Saux (MOVED)
4:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET - Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond (MOVED)
6:00 PM EDT / 23:00 CET - Frozen Spirits with Gabe de Wielen (MOVED)

WEDNESDAY MARCH 12 (6 Shows Moved):
11:00 AM EDT / 16:00 CET - D.U.T.C.H. with Jay G (MOVED)
12:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CET - Destinations with DJ Viper (MOVED)
2:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CET - Dance Sessions with Michael Angelo & Jim (MOVED)
3:00 PM EDT / 20:00 CET - Moody Melodies with Andrew Parsons (MOVED)
4:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET - Digital Trance World with Veselin Tasev (MOVED)
5:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CET - Diversity with Andi C (MOVED)
8:00 PM EDT / 01:00 CET (Thu) - Progressive Transmission with Greg Corbett
10:00 PM EDT / 03:00 CET (Thu) - Sunrise Sessions with Gabriel Setis

THURSDAY MARCH 13 (No Shows Moved):
6:00 AM EDT / 11:00 CET - DanceNode Radio with Digitalchild, SJ Regan, and Guests
10:00 AM EDT / 15:00 CET - TranceRun with Tim Grube
12:00 PM EDT / 17:00 CET - Turbulence Sessions with Nenes
2:00 PM EDT / 19:00 CET - HeavensGate with Neil Moore and Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden
4:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET - A Translation Into Trance with Klauss Pelaez
6:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CET - Montreal Mix Sessions with Gabriel Batz

FRIDAY MARCH 14 (All Shows Moved):
3:00 PM EDT / 20:00 CET - UNLiMiTED FRiDAY (MOVED)

SATURDAY MARCH 15 (2 Shows Moved):
11:00 AM EDT / 16:00 CET - The Z Factor with Zak Quiney (MOVED)
1:00 PM EDT / 18:00 CET - DESTINATION:trance with Ant Attwood and Phil A (MOVED)
5:00 PM EDT / 22:00 CET - Amplified Radio with DJ Ampz and Guests