Party107 Launches Three New Ogg Vorbis Streams

Posted Tue, Mar 11, 2008 5:42 PM EDT

Party107 is pleased to announce the availability of three new streams in the Ogg Vorbis format. These streams are intended to supplement (not replace) our existing 160kbps and 32kbps streams by providing new service in the 96kbps and 64kbps range, as well as a Vorbis stream at 32kbps for those who wish to use it. We chose Ogg Vorbis for this task not only because it sounds better than MP3 at lower bitrates, but also because it's free (as in freedom) and open source which we try to support as much as possible.

Many common players on various platforms support Ogg Vorbis. Some include Winamp, VLC, iTunes (with QuickTime component), foobar2000, XMMS, MPlayer, Zinf, and Windows Media Player (with DirectShow Filter).

While we have been doing lots of testing on the Vorbis streams, they are still considered somewhat experimental and may require a few minor tweaks or restarts. If you experience any problems with the streams, please email "djmark at party107 dot com". Thanks to LXJ for his help with the Ogg Vorbis streams.

You can tune into the new streams on our Listen Page!

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