192kbps Stream Now Available

Posted Wed, May 25, 2011 5:59 PM EDT

Hi everyone,

Recently we ran two polls asking your input on 192kbps and 256kbps streams and how we should offer them. Thanks to everyone who responded. The results have helped us decide how to move forward with these streams, and here is our plan:

Today we are launching a public 192kbps stream that is open to everyone. For those of you who responded "yes" on the poll that you would help us with our significant monthly costs by donating, please consider making a donation today. It takes several hundred dollars every month to keep the station running, and it's becoming increasingly hard for one individual to fully fund the station on a monthly basis. We run the station for the love of music and are not trying to get rich doing it, but we need some financial support now to help with the monthly costs of operating such as servers and music licensing fees.

Regarding 256kbps, 60% of you who responded are interested in a 256k stream. While our initial opinion was that 256kbps is overkill, we are now reevaluating this based on your feedback and are working to make 256k available on a donation basis. The infrastructure to provide this is already in place, however it will take some time to complete as shows will need to start sending us their sets in 256k so we can offer a true 256k stream.

So please enjoy the new 192kbps stream now, consider helping us with a donation, and we will be working on 256k in the meantime.

Thanks for your support!